Friday, 16 May 2008

reading europe - europa erlesen

when a. and i travelled - amongst other places - to budapest last summer, i had the chance to borrow a somewhat different "guide" to the town. it was small, perfect travel-size so to say, and it was called "europa erlesen - budapest" (reading europe - budapest). the basic idea behind it was to gather pieces of literature, both poetry and prose, that had something to do with the town, that discribed the town and its inhabitants in one way or another, and thus give a very differentiated picture of the place you visit. there were both german and hungarian authors, and some from other countries as well. phantastic!

i never really gave a thought to that this actually must be part of a series of books, until i, when looking through the further- information-pages in my new travelguide for moscow, discovered that there is a "europa erlesen - moskau" guide as well. and when checking the publisher wieser-verlag's homepage, i saw that there were surely around 100 other cities and regions to be explored through literature, especially from eastern europe, but also lappland, iceland, new york and oslo (which is not available anymore, but i found it on ebay - so now it's mine). so, if you can read german and go on a trip, check if there is one of those wonderful literary guides available! they are not too expensive, and they make the journey so much more interesting..

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