Sunday, 18 May 2008

premium chocolate

yesterday, i had the chance to finally try one of a series of chocolates which i have been dying for to try. i'm talking about zotter-chocolate, which is hand made, organic and fair trade, expensive as hell, but the money is definitely worth it.

and it's not only the above named niceties that makes this chocolate so interesting. it is, above all, the fact that they offer about 70 different sorts with basically every taste that you can and cannot imagine.

how about "beetroot with galingale"? (i didn't even know that something like galingale existed..)

or how about "rose and basil"? sounds like a lovely summerday in the garden...

and here, my i-really-want- to-try-sort: "sour cherries with sesame". did i mention that cherries are my favourite fruit?

so "grey poppy - cherry" is definitely the second in row which i want want want to try...

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Andreas Öjerfors said...

Women and chocolate, what can I say.