Wednesday, 14 May 2008

it's pink and green and it tastes good

during the last weeks i rediscovered rhubarb. i just love the colour, and even more i love the fresh taste of it. so, i have been making rhubarb muffins, rhubarb-fruit-jelly and a rhubarb-strawberry-sauce to have with vanilla-icecream. and tonight, i did a new recipe from the cooking magazine viva!. it was supposed to be a quark-semolina-dessert with rhubarb-compote. i think i got it a bit wrong, mostly, i have too much sugar in it (blame the kitchen-scales!!) and then i didn't have any whipped cream. i guess, i also should have used a mixer but i did not. anyway, it tastes delicious.

this is how it is done, or rather, how i did it: bring 250ml of milk with 20-30g of sugar to the boil, add 25g of semolina and stir while simmering for 2-3min. let cool down. in the meantime, mix 250g of quark with a little bit of milk and some jogurt so it gets nice and creamy. blend the semolina with the quark-mix.
cut 300g of rhubarb into small pieces, bring to the boil with 60ml of water and 50g of sugar and let simmer for about 4-5min. let cool down.

put one layer of the rhubarb-compote into a dessert-bowl, then one layer of quark-semolina-cream and pile until the bowl is full. enjoy!!!

i still have their recipe on sweet and warm rhubarb-pizza with almonds to try out...

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Andreas Öjerfors said...

I really liked the hot rhubarb thingy you made when we had icecream. And the second day, when you did it again but with strawberries - that was awesome.

Also, rhubarb is a very strange word. Rhubarb bharab rahurb hurbara.