Monday, 3 December 2007


back in lüneburg, after a wonderful weekend with a. in oslo. he moved into a new apartment last wedneday, so i helped him unpack a bit and, most important of all, build up his new bed. we just love swedish furniture to build up on your own=) not complicated at all... öhhhh...

it was a.'s birthday on saturday, so the plan was to invade the cinema "colosseum", which lies about 50m from his new place, and see "beowulf" in 3d. the cinema has, as far as i know, the world's greatest thx-hall, with 978 seats under a huge cupola. gorgeous! if you are looking for THE cinema-experience and you happen to be in oslo, go there. it's worth it. unfortunately, "beowulf" wasn't to be shown in the big hall, but in a smaller one, but that wasn't the worst thing: when we went there to buy tickets (the online selling was out of work) during the afternoon, they had problems with one of the ticketprinters, but instead of telling the people who were standing waiting what the problem was and to ask us to go to another ticket-counter, we were standing there for about 20min at least, getting rather pissed. the result was, that we went without tickets, and in the evening when we came back, the movie was sold out. bad luck. even more bad luck was, that our alternative (the new western with brad pitt with the horribly long title "the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford") had started about 30min before "beowulf, in another cinema. we decided on renting a movie instead, which was to be (after aproximately 45min of undeciding discussions..) the last james bond, "casino royale". good entertainment!
anyway, the plan to see jesse james on sunday and beowulf on saturday was gone, and as a. really wanted to see beowulf, we decided on one more try, got lucky and purchased two tickets. after the additional purchase of snacks and drinks (non-alcoholic - we are still in norway..), we got one of those fancy 3d-goggles outside the hall and tried to find our seats, which were somewhere in the middle and surrounded by a lot of people. we even managed to sqeeze through the masses to get there and sit down, and after about 15min of boring norwegian commercials and one (!) trailer, we were finally allowed to put on those fancy glasses and enjoy the movie.
well. enjoy and enjoy. while my nose was exposed to rather unpleasant smells (think "unwashed dog") from the right (it was not a.!!) and had to endure the weight of two pairs of glasses for almost two hours, my eyes got pretty soon irritated by all those 3d-effects. at times, the 3d was done really well and felt like something exciting and interesting, but most of the time it was too much we-want-to-use-this-effect-as-much-as-possible-in-your-face. then - well, i'm not very much into seeing ugly things, like slimy stuff dropping down of some monsters foul mouth, so grendel wasn't a nice experience.

most of all, i guess i was disappointed that the filmmakers didn't use the potential the story had, there were large time-gaps and basically no character-study or -development at all. a bit more focus on story/plot and characters and a wee bit less on the technical side (cgi-animation + 3d = no need for a good story??) would have helped. but that's only my opinion, and as a. said: "for you, the best movies are black and white, coarse-grained and by alfred hitchcock." he definitely had a point there...

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