Thursday, 20 December 2007


next year in march, i'll have lived in the 4th apartment within nine months - i never moved that often in such a short period of time. why that?

well, the guy who i share my apartment with right now (or better, he shares the apartment with me) is supposed to move out in the end of march, as the owner of the house wants to renovate the attic which is directly above the apartment. nothing wrong with that, but.
the thing is, he already knew about this when i moved in, but didn't tell me then. quote: "well, i couldn't tell you then because you wouldn't have moved in if you had known".
and the best thing is, if i hadn't heard from somebody else living in this house about that we might have to move out some time sooner or later, he wouldn't even have told me now - as a matter of fact, he only told me after i asked him if what i had heard was true.

(oh, and did i write that i got exams in january and a paper to write in february and that i actually don't have time at all for moving and packing??)


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