Friday, 21 December 2007

my christmas day

i just read another blog where the writer called everybody to write about how their christmas looks like, how they spend their christmas day or days. so that's what i'll try to do here:

on the morning of the 24th of december, my father usually puts up the christmas tree in the livingroom, which confuses our cat tremendously, each year again. my mother fetches all the christmastree-decorations from the cellar, and even the lights. then my younger brother Till puts up the lights and i decorate the tree.
we don't have any special lunch that day, as everybody is still really busy preparing the last presents or whatever we have to do. around two or three in the afternoon, i usually go and visit soem friends of mine, tine and jochen, in the neighbour-village. depending on the weather i either walk there, bike or take the train. this has been a tradition for at least 7 years now, i think, and it's really nice. we sit with their family and drink tea and talk and eat biscuits.

until last year, i always left them at around halv past four at the latest to go to church and attend the service there at 5pm. this year, we will - for the first time in my entire life - visit the service at 10pm instead, but i'll still have to leave tine and jochen around halv past four to be home for dinner.
dinner on christmas eve is usually something that doesn't take long o prepare, we have had raclette, but also cheese fondue or sauseges with potatoesallad, depending on what ideas my mother had. before or after dinner we go and get the presents and put them under the tree (the time depends on whatever we think is suitable..), and my father takes out some old or newer record to play - he even has som sort of really old thing to play special sorts of records with, but i don't even know what it's called in german..
anyway, we eat and spend the evening in the living room, with a fire in the well, closed fireside=)
at some time around eight we start handing out presents, which happens usually in the way that my brothers and me go and search for presents and hand them over to the person who is supposed to get it. then it's the huge unpacking session and everybody is watching, which is really really nice, and then, if there are things to be used in one or another way (such as games, cds, dvds etc.) they have - of course - to be tried out. also, my parents take out books with christmas-stories and read one or two of them.

on christmas day then it's a big dinner at noon with my grandmother and her companion, and coffee in the afternoon and a walk through the village (if the weather is nice)...

i guess i have forgotten and mixed up a whole lot of things, but they are changing each year anyway, so it won't matter...

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