Tuesday, 11 December 2007

kino kino

it's december, outside it's not even white, just grey and rainy, perfect cinema-time.last week i went to see two totally different movies in lüneburgs most charming cinema, the scala.

on thursday, together with a new acquaintance i went to see ulrich seidl's "import/export", a disturbing and hopeless picture about two young people looking for a way out of their miserable place in life. olga, a young mother from ukraine working as a nurse doesn't earn enough to live on, so she tries to make some extra money with online sex-services. it doesn't work out really, as she cannot understand anything of what the austrian callers expect her to do in front of the running camera. then, she recieves a letter, offering her to start a new life in austria - where she ends up as a cleaning woman in a hospital for elderly people, struggling with her impulse to take care of the patients, suffering both verbal and even physical attacs from a jealous and racist nurse.

the other part od the story follows a young austrian called pauli, who loses his job as security guard after a humiliating attac by a gang with immigrant background. he ows a lot of money to different people, including his stepfather, and after some weeks being unemployed, pauli has to follow his stepfather to ukraina, where they are supposed to put up chewinggum-machines and one-armed- bandits. he feels a deep digust for his stepfather who uses the time they got free to teach pauli the easiest way to find girls to fuck and who constantly displays the power he got over other people. in the end, pauli decides in the middle of deepwinter-ukraina to leave this life behind himself and start all over in that country totally strange to him.

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