Tuesday, 4 December 2007

i hereby declare it to be unisex!

last friday, on my trip to oslo, i couldn't get myself not to walk through the tax-free at bremen's airport and check out their perfumes. actually, i had been looking for some new fragrance for quite some time now. i am still really content with my "eau par kenzo", which feels sporty and refreshing, but already last winter i felt i could need something new, something that felt a bit warmer, more spicy and less fresh. for some time, i had been walking about "l'eau de cartier" (i guess i got a thing for watery perfumes, my first one being "cool water" by davidoff, the second one the above namend water by kenzo and now cartier's water..), which i also found at the tax free and thought i'd test it one more time, but..

directly next to the flacon, they had another one, as well by cartier, "déclaration", which i thought i might test as well - and it tested good. real good. i liked it so much that i bought it, more or less directly (well, after consulting a total stranger by putting my wrist under her nose and asking "what do you think??"). as i myself am rather untalented in describing perfumes, i quote some online shop selling the thing: "A fragrance introduced by the sensuality of birch wood, bergamot and bitter orange; juniper wood and artemisia mingle with cardamom, underlined by cold spices for the middle note; the base note finally emerges, sensually, releasing oak, cedarwood and vetiver, as an echo of the birch wood."
anyway, it feels warm and spicy and elegant enough to use for theatre or opera (and university as well=) and those who i asked all thought it fitted me well. the only thing that really made me wonder now was that when i was looking for a description of the fragrance, all onlineshops seemed to think it was a perfume for men??
i guess they all got something wrong, so now i hereby declare it to be unisex!!

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