Tuesday, 21 April 2009

ein herz für blogs

this is a post on and for german blogs. a very quick post as well, as i plan to finish it before midnight - or otherwise i'd be too late. typically, i first read about this blog-online-event first today (which might not be a good sign..), but still, i'll do my best.

so, stylespion.de had this wonderful idea to do some networking promotion of german blogs on this very day, tuesday 21st of april 2009. the idea is to present your favourite german blogs on your own blog, link to them in your blogroll and hope that the networking spreads. or something like this.

and here are my favourite german blogs:

1. for everybody interested in matters of beauty, make-up and scent: mybeautyblog.de My good friend andreea does not only post regularly but writes also hilariously funny, interesting and well informed posts on perfume and natural cosmetics. and she tests almost everything she writes about, on her own skin.

2. dotti's dots. she really is the cutest german vintage princess there is. and has the prettiest oldfashioned pictures on her blog as well.

- edit: ohhh, i was almost too late. but. i posted and will add the rest now =) -

3. frau liebe for wonderfully playful ideas for everything on earth you might want to craft and do with your own hands. also, she loves to thrift on fleamarkets and in thrift stores and shows the best of her finds making everybody envious. she is now planning on selling a huge part of her fabrics collection, which is eagerly anticipated by her readers..

4. i do not only like beauty stuff and vintage stuff and crafty stuff, but also stuff you can eat. my favourite german foodblog would be fool for food, with loads of interesting recipes and the one or other book review.

5. a collegue in profession and one of my newest blog finds: beating heart baby. very new, very fashion, very pretty. and a great little black dress with cutouts.

6. last but not least, almost stylish. cathy voyage is just as personal and normal on her blog as you and me (and my blog), and that's why i like her so much. a little bit of fashion, a little bit of life, some pictures and loads of nice comments.

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