Saturday, 11 April 2009


i discovered some amazing food blogs during the last weeks and months, amongst others the swedish one "krinolinas kök" (krinolina's kitchen). there i found interesting recipes and ideas, a few of which i have already tried out. the first one i did was my own herbal salt after krinolina's directions, which is what i want to share with you here. it is really easy and tastes so much better than the stuff you can buy at the stores!

the general rule is to use roughly the same amount of herbs and salt. chop the herbs into really really small pieces and, if you have different sorts of herbs for the same salt, blend them well. then mix the herbs with seasalt (1 dl salt + 1 dl chopped herbs) and put the mixture into a well closing container. the salt will get a little moist as it draws the aromatic oils out of the herbs. according to krinolina it can last for a good 2 years as the salt conserves the herbs. well, in case you don't use it up before..

i chose one bunch each of parsley, lemon thyme, chives, wild garlic, rosemary and sage, plus one or two cloves of garlic. i think i got four smaller glasses plus the tiny and the large on on the picture out of this, and gave away three of the glasses as presents already.
basically you can chose whichever herbs you like, it also depends on what you'd like to use the salt for. for example i am planning on making some basil salt soon for my beloved tomato sallad.


Andreas said...

Looking forward to trying out the salt.

a reflecting girl said...

das kleid ist von asos. sowas könnte ich mit meinen fähigkeiten nicht selbstmachen. ich geb dir mal den link, da kann man es auch von hinten sehen:

ich bin schon fertige kulturwissenschaftlerin und mache jetzt einen master. da weiß man ja ungefähr wo man kuwi in deutschland studieren kann und lüneburg ist da schon bekannt für. :)

Krinolina said...

Hej Fröken Lila, vad kul att örtsaltet blev lyckat. Det var roligt att läsa om det. Skall nu kolla in din blogg med jämna mellanrum för att snappa upp litet nya grejer själv! Kolla gärna in min kompis Ulrika Olssons blogg. Hon skriver roligt om sin keramik, sömnad, inredning, design och bakning. Många hälsningar från Krinolina

Little Peaché said...

Sv: Åh hur blev din påskpraliner?

Kram på dig