Sunday, 12 April 2009

happy easter!

it's a beautiful day today. perfect to hang out in a garden or park, do almost nothing other than eat, drink and relax. perfect to take out my new dress again and to sport my newish white socks in my newish red shoes (no, i still think it's a bit too early in the year to go totally barefoot - you have to content yourself with a peek at my pale legs).

dress, socks & necklace: h&m
top: indiska
belt: vintage
shoes: deichmann

i had a great, tasty, and quite typical german easter breakfast:

two different sorts of bread (a good tasty farmer's bread and a sweet one with raisins, icing and almonds), three different sorts of ham (well, ok, turkeybreast and two different sorts of ham), selfcoloured eggs and butter. and my usual black tea. what a heavenly breakfast!! and no, i did not eat up everything yet, there's enough left for the rest fo the week..

i'll be off to a friend's place soon, she has her godchild over easter and her own daughter as well, so we'll have to entertain two soon-to-be teenagers. for this purpose i made some carrotcake-cupcakes:

and later on we'll barbecue!!


a reflecting girl said...

das foto war auch eher als unterstreichung meiner beschreibung gedacht, wenn du sowas selber machen kannst, ist das sicher günstiger. bei mir würde das sicher ausfransen.

ich habe an der Viadrina studiert, bin jetzt aber an der FU in Berlin.

Cathy Voyage said...

Ganz tolles Outfit, der Rock gefällt mir sehr gut!
Euer Essen ist aber auch nicht zu verachten...

a reflecting girl said...

das können wir gerne machen. wird auch gleich neu gemacht :)

da shirt ist nur eins meiner bandshirts. da ist nicht besonderes dran. ;)

TuvaMinnaLinn said...

Älskar ditt lilla "köksbord" !
Blir glad bara jag ser det.

Little Peaché said...

Sv: Hur länge har ni haft ett distansförhållande?

Kram på dig

Little Peaché said...

Sv: tack för tipset, men jag har hört att saltet kan skada silvret då det sliter på materialet.

Kram på dig

Nanó W. said...

Uh, blev jättehungrig av att titta på matbilderna!
Fin kjol, köpte nyss en klänning med samma typs mönster:)

donnasandra said...

Mmmm cupcakes!