Monday, 27 April 2009

sunday day and evening

for yesterday i had planned to sew, mostly. i didn't get as far as i wanted with the dress, but at least i got started and will finish it today and tomorrow i hope. so, for sewing during the day i wore this:

shorts: h&m
t-shirt: monki
hat and brooch: thrifted
belt: ma mother's old one
shoes: skopunkten

the hat i am wearing is the hat i bought on the fleamarket on saturday. i like it so much! it only cost me 1,50€ and fits perfectly.

in the evening i went to the thalia theatre in hamburg together with my friend rana. she had given me the ticket as a present for my birthday, and it really was a good choice. at the moment there is no regular program but a kind of theatre festival (autorentheatertage) with many different companies from other cities. the play by rene pollesch was called "fantasma" and to describe it is almost impossible. it was about theatre, philosophy, politics, society, film, but most of all about love. i would also call it total mindfuck. we had a lot of fun seeing it, but it also had depth and i feel like it still has to settle a bit before i can talk more about it.

and of course i dressed up a little:

little black dress: h&m, altered by me
tights: h&m
shoes: ebay
belt: accessorize
hat: thrifted


out of the mist said...

Love your outfit!!! you look very sexy...

Andreas said...

Looking cool, looking good.

Le Tasché said...

Ach wie schön, den Abend in HH ausklingen zu können... Dein Abendoutfit sieht wirklich sehr schön und individuell aus !

TuvaMinnaLinn said...

så jätte fint!
fingrade på massa hattar på loppis i helgen jag me, men tycks vara omöjligt att hitta någon som passar mig.

Cathy Voyage said...

Der Hut steht dir wirklich gut und passt zu beiden Outfits!

a reflecting girl said...

das sind doch bestimmt die neuen shorts :)
was hast du denn am kleid verändert. ich liebe schwarze kleider. könnte ich mich quasi tot kaufen :S.

fröken lila said...

@ out of the mist: thank you!

@ andreas: tacktack..

@ le tasché: vielen dank!

@ tuva minna linn: det är itne lätt det där med hattar. det var helt slumpmässigt att jag hittade den här.

@ cathy: danke! finde cih auch. er wird jetzt bestimmt häufig verwendet..

@ a reflecting girl: na, freilich sind das die neuen shorts! am kleid habe ich selbstbezogene knöpfe um den ausschnitt herum genäht, um das futter, das immer rausgeschaut hat, auf der innenseite des ausschnittes zu halten =)

anna said...

Underbar hatt! Fina kläder också!