Saturday, 17 October 2009

damsel in distress

it's been ages since my last outfit post, i know. but, good news. a good friend of mine (thanks, verena!) promised to act photographer from now on. we are both suffering from the master's thesis syndrom and are therefore, together with some other friends, under quarantine in the library during daytime, and we thought this might be a good idea of how to spend the usual coffeebreak.

it's autumn now, so i could take out my damsel of the castle dress again. i bought it some years ago in berlin and love it dearly, even though i can only use it during the colder time of the year - it is quite warm. it also is very cosy and makes me feel like a fairytale princess. today i felt very much like adding a little steampunk to the dress, and dug out this wonderful vest (which is a little smallish, though) from the depths of my wardrobe. i got it as a present from my boyfriend at least two years ago and have never worn it until today.. *shame on me*

dress: chapati
vest and hairflower: h&m
tights: c&a
boots: vagabond