Sunday, 18 October 2009

shopping ban, weeks five, six and seven

i'm so behind with the blog, it's impossible. but i kept track with my spending even though i didn't post two weeks in a row about the shopping ban.
i went into week five with 15,10 € on my budget. then i sold some stuff on ebay, and made 60€ that way which go into the budget, plus my 7 euro allowance per week, times three, makes alltogether 96,10€. wow.

and here is what i spent some of this money on:

a purple cardigan on sale in oslo, 10euro (i actually owned this one in white already, but i loved the purple one so much i had to have it when it was on sale..)

a black shirt on sale in oslo, 5euro

a fluffy warm hat for winter, 9euro (say good morning to the very sleepy person peeping out from under it!)

and two pairs of tights, one (picture) for 8, the other for 5euro.

so, i spent 37 euro in week five, six and seven. out of a budget of 96,10, which leaves 59,10€ on the budget.. maybe a new pair of shoes next week??


Marie said...

Die Mütze ist voll cool!
Liebe Grüße,

Irène said...

Schöne Sachen! Den ersten Cardigan hab ich in beige.

Mizi said...

die von humanic wären dann ja schonmal drin ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh deine Einkäufe sind wirklich toll... schön, dass du deinen Shopping-Ban so gut durchziehst :).

laura said...

das mit dem buch wäre ja fantastisch, lena! (:
super sachen mal wieder.

Eleonore said...

ich liebe den cardigan!

Ms. B said...

Love the cardigan!!!!

Svenja said...

Na das läuft ja prächtig mit deinem Shopping Ban. Die Mütze ist übrigens sehr cool!

Cara said...

der cardigan ist echt toll!