Sunday, 11 October 2009

el mariachi

every now and then i have a melancoly day when i somehow or other get the notion to google old acquaintances. today i wanted to see what became of one or two bands from my old school, and while i couldn't find anything about most of those bands i found that one, "repent", actually are still doing stuff. it's a trash metal band and i never really liked their music, but in 7th grade i was really fascinated by their guitar-player and also by their lead singer. they graduated that year, so they were a lot older, and i thought they were tough and cool. that was the time when i started to like guys with long hair. which i still think can be very attractive. the (now ex-) lead singer still looks like antonio banderas, just with a different nose, and the guitar-guy also still kind of looks the same as back then, only a bit older, with a few wrinkles and not as cool anymore. i think it's fascinating how your perception of what is cool changes with time.

speaking of antonio banderas, whom i liked very much both in zorro and desperado and once upon a time in mexico - i wonder when he will do a good movie again? here is a little music with him for tonight:

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