Tuesday, 27 October 2009

desert flower

on saturday i've been to see the movie "desert flower", an adaptation of ex-topmodel waris dirie's autobiographical book with the same name.

i think this is an important film, with an important social and political purpose and message. it is well done. it is very well performed. and it was so generic and predictable that if it hadn't been for the importance of the content i would have been bored to death. so, as a cineast, i would not have wanted to spend 9euro on the regular saturnight ticket. thanks to yogurette and kinderschokolade we had two coupons enabling us to pay cinema-day prize (5,00€) on every day of the week, which was acceptable.

this is a german production. trying to look like hollywood, and almost getting there. it also is a german film about afrika, and the producer was the guy who produced "nowhere in africa", and some of the pictures could have been taken out of "the white massai". and it's a biopic. starting at one turning point in the person's life, following the person's rise to importance, plus a few flashbacks and a romance which does just get enough space to indulge those of us who need romance. both liya kebede (whom you can see on h&m's latest fall knit-campain - she is beautiful!) and especially sally hawkins do an amazing job in their roles and they really lift the film. as i said, this is not a bad movie. it is very solid, it is entertaining, and if you love africa and/or the world of high fashion you'll love the film.


Stéphanie said...

So great post !

Nadine said...

Sally Hawkins ist eben eine richtig tolle Schauspielerin mit viel Charakter :).