Thursday, 31 January 2008

anna's café

today i tried out a new café in lüneburg, and it has good chances to become my favourite. it is called "Anna's Café" and located at the Stint, which is one of two café-bar-pub-streets here.
anyway, the atmosphere there was such as i like it to be at a café, snug and comfortable, with a lot of room, lovely furniture and tableware (seemed like they went and searched all antique-stores around) and homemade cakes and breakfast. i had some tea there while correcting the last swedish-papers for my course, and i have to say, i don't know a single other café in lüneburg where that would be possible. it's cosy there, and nice people are working there as well.
as for the whole thing together, i'm not sure if it is supposed to feel like a typically swedish café, but it definitely does. i guess that's why i felt at home there...

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