Friday, 25 January 2008

uneasy listening

i just recieved one of those very unfrequent newsletters of a band which i at some point in my life some years ago found interesting, called t i m e s b o l d. they kind of almost got forgotten by me, apart from one song, which i love tremendously, "bone song". i kind of never took the time to learn liking their other stuff as well, and i still cannot decide whether to buy one of their cds or not. i guess that was becouse they didn't seem to have some kind of a red line in their music, it's not easy to open up to it, and it's definitely what they themselves call uneasy listening. it makes you uneasy in your skin, in your room, it's mysterious in a western-desert kind of style, which is probably why i like it anyway.
a broken voice, a dark bass, a swelling melody,...

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