Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Puppini Sisters

do you like the 40s and 50s?
well, i do (and the 60s and 70s..), and i also like feel-good music.
thanks to my friend rana, i found out about this absolutely ravishing girl-band called The Puppini Sisters, who combine this cool 40s-50s-diva-feeling with superb music and style. Three girls singing and fingersnipping, performing old and well-known songs (such as Dusty Springfields "Spooky" or the all-time-classic "Bei mir bist du schön"), giving them a new, jazzy, feel-good sound. And as if this wasn't enough, their homepage even features beauty-tips (for that 40s-style), recipes and other nice stuff.. To complete the whole thing, they got to wear Vivienne Westwood in their video "Jilted"!! Take a look, it's fun and gorgeous!!

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ragazzatoccata said...

Du sollst doch für die Prüfung lernen und dich nicht mit Blogslesen ablenken. Schreib' mir wie's gelaufen ist ;)!