Thursday, 17 January 2008


the soundtrack to my first visit to Oslo in 2003 featured, above all, a norwegian singer who is just beautiful. her name is bertine zetlitz and her voice is light and airy, like a young girl's voice, and so stunningly melodic. her then new album "sweet injections" went into my possession after i had heard only one or two of its songs, and i never regretted buying it. it's fantastic.

now i finally managed to obtain her next two cds, "rollerskating" and "my italian greyhound", and i am not at all disappointed. the lyrics are mystical, playfull, perfectly fitting her personality and her voice. the music is just as playfull, it is danceable, electronic, fun, intense - well, just perfect.
go listen to her on myspace, my recommendation is "abigail" and "girl like you".

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